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  • november seven, two thousand and thirteen
    New paper: Efficient Synchronization for Stencil Computations Using Dynamic Task Graphs

  • march thirteen, two thousand and eleven
    Since March 1, 2011, I no longer work for the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. I am now affiliated with the ExaScience Lab, Intel Belgium.

  • january seventeen, two thousand and eleven
    New paper: Dynamic Parallelization of Recursive Code - Part 1: Managing Control Flow Interactions with the Continuator.

  • july twenty-seven, two thousand and ten
    New papers: An Extensible Interpreter Framework for Software Transactional Memory and Embedding Hygiene-Compatible Macros in an Unhygienic Macro System.

  • november twelve, two thousand and nine
    Added a description and downloads of ContextScheme.

  • september three, two thousand and nine
    New papers: Context-oriented Software Transactional Memory in Common Lisp and Context-oriented Programming in ContextL: State of the Art.

  • august twenty-nine, two thousand and eight
    New papers: Filtered Dispatch and Reflection for the Masses.

  • march eight, two thousand and eight
    New paper: Context-oriented Programming.

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